September 2020

September 2020 - Some happy news - Jean de Dieu (also known to many as Fletcher) came to Britain with me as a student ambassador for the project, to promote the project by meeting donor groups, sponsors and to assist in fundraising. Sadly, the day after we arrived the...

April 2020

Here is an update on the emergency food programme for our vulnerable families. Thank you so much for your support for us in these very difficult times 4.-April-2020Download

March 2020

March 2020 - Recently we began a food distribution to try to help the families a little in the very difficult time around the world caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. (April 2020) In consultation with staff in Rwanda we have set up some emergency support and have...

January 2020

January  2020 - This letter was sent out in March which explains this comment which was attached. These are troubled times and everyone is facing uncertainty. I am now in the UK but worrying about the Kinamba community in Rwanda as schools close, the food...

December 2019

December 2019 -  For our December letter I thought you would like to see the faces of the children we support in Primary School. Faces of hope with a bright future thanks to your support. Best wishes to you all. 1.-December-2019Download


September 2020 In March this year I travelled with Meg to the UK. Meg had invited me to help her to promote the project. The plan was to meet with groups of donors and sponsors to talk to them about my experience of the Kinamba Project which has supported me for 10...

September 2019 – News from the Wysome family

We are so lucky with the friends we meet who volunteer with us. This is a letter from a family we got to know in March of this year, we and they thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I hope you enjoy their letter.

July 2019 – Denys Hakizimana

I hope you will enjoy this latest newsletter about Denys who attended the first tailoring class in 2008 – the letter itself is a collaboration between two of our students who wrote it and took the photographs (I may be becoming redundant !!). It is a lovely success story and reflects a part of the project which I do not often talk about.

June 2019

This newsletter is not about events in Rwanda but in the UK for a change.

I was very surprised and pleased to receive a letter out of the blue from the British Prime Minister with a certificate for the Points of Light Award which is given to recognise the work of volunteers who make a difference in the communities in which they serve.

March 2019 – News from Ora

Dear Friends, Little did I know what would come of that foundation I laid 11 years ago. It was an act of hope, not knowing where it would take us. It gives me the greatest of pleasure to attach this newsletter written by Christian Ora, one of our students who was one of the first students I chose to be sponsored. This letter shows the amazing success which courage and determination can bring. I am so very sure that you realise that these things would not be happening without your continued support. Our sponsorship programme is our lifeblood, if you are interested in sponsoring a child please let us know.

January 2019

Hello everyone, Well I finally got things together and so now I attach our January news for you, I hope you enjoy it – so very sorry for the delay. I know also that some of our newsletters from 2018 have yet to be posted on the website – on with
that shortly I hope! For those who have been wondering how we are faring given the terrible news of major flooding in some other African countries like Malawi and Mozambique I can assure you that we are well. That said, along with other countries in the world, we are experiencing changing weather patterns, especially the prolonged and extremely heavy rains. You will remember that last year our boundary wall collapsed as a result of that, but this year we seem to have been spared any major problems.

December 2018

Dear friends, As the year draws to a close it is time to reflect on the past year and achievements. It has been a rollercoaster for me personally but also in Kigali working with authorities on the registration of the project as an International NGO. Thankfully it has now been completed but it has meant that time has been eaten up and I am very conscious that I have not sent many newsletters out this year. I have a list of subjects and hopefully I will be able to get to it soon. My newsletter this time consists of photographs of main events this year, including the most wonderful gift to me of a celebration day when I was treated to a Traditional Rwandan gift ceremony to me as a ‘mother’ from parents and the school community. A ceremony full of love and very moving.

Andre – A Story to Celebrate

I hope you are all well and happy today. I am sitting writing this before getting ready to go to the University of Kigali to support Andre in his viva presentation for his Masters Degree. We have come a long way together since we first met in 2007. since when, with the kind and generous support of our friend Karen he completed his first degree in Accounting Graduating in December 2013. How time flies. He is the first, and so far only, one to gain a degree at higher level – others are on their way there I hope. Meanwhile for those of you who may be interested in his story I attach what I wrote about him in 2014

August 2018

Happy Saturdays! There was a time when Saturday for me was a relatively quiet day – a trip to the market, a cup of coffee and a book, catching up on home news and so on – not any more.
Please find attached our news for August. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

June 2018

Dear Friends, First of all I would to tell you that we have a lovely new updated website. Big thanks to our great friend Ken who has given his valuable time and expertise freely. If you think there should be something else on there please say! I also attach our newsletter for June 2018 which is about our secondary students. I have written about them before now but we have more students graduating each year and we have some new photographs which I think you will be interested in.

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