Hello everyone,

Please find attached our news for September.

It was so lovely to return to see how very busy everyone is here – onwards and upwards!

Very best wishes to your all, and thank you for your continued support,


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The Kinamba Project

I arrived back in Kigali in late September to find everyone working hard and the school functioning really well. The teachers and assistants are now very experienced and they have established routines which work well for everyone. The standards of teaching and learning continue to improve.

We have four students here from the SOS organisation who are studying Early Childhood Development. Their tutor tells me that our nursery is the best one she has seen – praise indeed for our staff.

I was very warmly welcomed with special dancing in my honour, the dance troupe has improved enormously both in confidence and in the difficulty of the dances they perform.

Everyone is busy preparing for examinations for the end of the school year and our Primary 6 children are especially nervous as their marks in the National Examinations will determine what their prospects for secondary school will be. We hope they do well.

Our craft groups are busy too, more about them in another news.

Meanwhile here are some images from September which I hope you will enjoy.

Welcome from the dancers

Dressing up – such fun!

Wilma’s Birthday, for once she got out of the office!

Cooking with our student trainees.

Around school.

And just enjoying life in general…….

Wishing you love, peace and as much fun as we have in your life, remembering always that we cannot do what we do without your so kind and generous support – thank you.


(With special thanks to Wilma for the photographs).