Our dance Saturday

Traditional dance is very strong in Rwanda, you can see dance troupes performing on different occasions throughout the country. There are regional variations and the displays of dance are wonderful. The dancers are accompanied by singers and drummers. Originally females were not allowed to be drummers, but that has now changed.

In June 2012 we engaged a teacher to teach our children. Here he is dancing with one of our parents on Foundation Day last year.

The classes are held twice during the week and again on Saturday mornings. The number in the group is growing, both boys and girls attend. There are a number of children who sing and some parents assist them.

Our sewing group made outfits for the girls in our school colours and we bought the costumes for the boys. They first performed at Foundation Day last year in front of a very large group of visitors, parents and children.

Eric, the teacher, and the children have worked well together, I often hear them laughing as they try to make sense of a new move or when someone goes in the wrong direction!

There is a lovely feeling within the group and they have great fun together.

When the children are at home there is work to do, cleaning, fetching water etc. There is not much time for fun and little access to leisure activities. As a teacher I know that it is important for children to have experiences which will inspire them and give them ideas of what may be possible, so on one Saturday in February Eric, Epiphanie and I arranged a fun morning for the dancers and singers – a special showing of Eric and his dance troupe, who regularly perform at big events in the city. We invited a few friends, but it was mainly for the children, who would also perform some of their new routines.

At this time the children did not realise the treat in store for them. After some refreshment Eric and his troupe danced for us.

The audience also joined in the fun – John enjoyed it!

The children were fascinated by what they saw and I hope they will be inspired to do more in the future.

A good time was had by all!

Wishing you peace, love and laughter in your lives. Meg