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Christian Ora

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Christian Ora. I am 18 years old; I joined the project in 2007 in Nursery school and currently I am in my second term of my first year of study for the International Baccalaureate in an International School called Green Hills Academy where I got a scholarship to finish my Senior school studies. I would like to share with you some of my favourite experiences at Green Hills Academy so far. 

I have enjoyed life at Green Hills Academy both academics and normal life. It was a challenge for me in the beginning because of being responsible for organising my time and also coping with the new lifestyle that I never lived before. 

Currently I am the president of Round square (which is an International Network of schools) in the whole school and on the recommendation of the school’s Career and college counselling office. I was selected to attend a 2-day Leadership Bootcamp which was organized by a university called African Leadership University. 

My main ambition is to become a doctor, specifically a neurosurgeon, but this was a chance that I was given to attain some extra skills that are truly useful in life. During the Bootcamp we were trained to solve different problems that a leader or a normal person encounters in the course of life either at work or in the community/society. This was done through solving various scenarios some of which were real and some made up to represent life out of one’s imagination. All this was done in teams and this taught us the importance of teamwork in life. 

During the Bootcamp, I enjoyed listening to what other people had to say and I was a leader of some of the teams. I enjoyed how my idea could lead to the group’s success and this was great to see! Through the boot camp I was able to make connections with people from different places on the continent and the rest of the world; which at the same time gave me a chance to have an idea of others’ culture and perspectives of situations in life. 

It was a great weekend and we all loved it. The food was also amazing! 

We all have some days in life that we feel so grateful for depending on what we have achieved on that day or simply what happened on the day. And as I said, so far I have achieved a lot but I realise there is a long way to go and a lot of hard work ahead. 

One of the things I am very grateful for is having met Meg; she has greatly supported me from the moment we met. My life has completely changed and due to her and my sponsor Russell’s support. I was able to go first to Primary School and on to Secondary school finally I was able to take the entrance examination for Green Hills Academy for a scholarship. I live there as a boarder. 

I have made many friends at school and was honoured to be elected by the students as Head Boy of the school for the next academic year. I could never have dreamt of this happening in my life, but it did and I am very proud because it not only honours me but it shows what KCP has done for me in supporting me to be in this position. 

It is 10 years since I joined the project and I can say Meg is one of the few who are dedicated to help others not aiming for a profit but simply to make a change in the world. This is one of many things I have learnt from her and I hope that I in my turn in the future will be able to do the same. 

I am personally so grateful for Meg and Russell’s support, and speaking for the students in the project as a whole we are very thankful for all those who offer support in different ways. 

Your help make a great change to many lives. 

I often visit the project as it is a great part of my life and I am always amazed by how far we’ve come. I am always hit by the smiling faces I see by entering the gates. Meg has been working for the project tirelessly for a very long time and now she is known as Mama Africa! Yes, there is still a long way to go but a lot has been achieved primarily from your support and we hope it keeps on growing. 

Now I am just over one year to my High school Graduation Day! Below you will see that I have included some of the pictures both from school with friends at the Bootcamp to give you an idea of my experiences. 

I hope you enjoy them. 

Again, Thank you all so much for everything!