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The Kinamba Project

I spent three months in Kigali, three months which passed in a whirl of busy – ness one way or another.

The dates of the new terms set by the government meant that the primary children would not be going back to school until February 2nd so we invited the Primary children to come to eat with us and to spend some time catching up with their lessons as they had not been in school since October 23rd – a long time, especially when you have no books at home.

We were delighted to welcome Emma, one of our trustees. She arrived for ten days bearing enormous bags full of gifts and school materials. We are very grateful for her support and hard work on our behalf in the UK.

She was greeted, as ever, by the dance group and, as ever, she was asked to join in!

We managed a visit to one of the students sponsored by Emma and her family. It was a good opportunity for me to catch up with the others also. All are doing well, all seem fit and happy. We were sorry she stayed for such a short time and are grateful for her support for us.

Sponsorship is a hugely important source of funding for us, we depend on the regular income received from donations to sponsor individual children. Please get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring a child with us.

Later during my visit we welcomed Steve and Lesley who dropped in on their way back to Europe from South Africa. They came bearing gifts also; particularly for our new sand pit, a source of some very busy digging, planting and earth-shifting activity!

They too were treated to our dance group, they too did not stay long with us – the staff were pleased to be able to show them how they had put their professional training to good use. We are grateful to Steve and Lesley – welcome back anytime!

Meanwhile a few random pictures taken at different times – thank you for your support for us, we can do nothing without you.

Wishing you love and peace in your lives, Meg