Hello everyone,

I hope all is well with you all wherever you are. For our July news I am attaching something from our good friend Andrew who visited before preparing to start his teacher training – good luck Andrew!

I know you will enjoy his wonderful photographs.

Best wishes to you all, Meg

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Life at Meg Foundation

Every morning the Nursery students walk to school with big smiles on their faces, ready for the day.

The day starts with singing the National Anthem, dancing and waking up!

The Nursery classes have time for playing and studying in the morning.

Porrige time. All the students get some porridge after morning lessons.

Break time. The school is very lucky to have some land that the kids can run around on.

The primary students stay and study in the afternoon. They get help with their homework and are introduced to other subjects such as ART and music.

Meg Foundation is not all about school. Sport and traditional Rwandan dancing play a big part in a lot of the student’s lives.


The nursery students do P.E every Friday

Primary Sport

The primary school students also do P.E. every Friday and have also had rugby and cricket coaches come in to teach them some new sports. The kids seem to take to these sports very quickly but football still seems to be their favourite.

The older Primary kids held their own in a rugby tournament and were the only team to have both Girls and Boys playing.


The boys have a team and wear their orange football kit with a lot of pride. They are also very good at looking after what little they have. They are very determined and will walk for hours, to a very questionable football pitch to play against another team. The girls have started playing and seem to enjoy it but have little confidence at the moment.


Traditional Rwandan dancing is very skilful, powerful and graceful dance which the kids love to learn and perform for visitors or on special occasions.

I have now visited Rwanda and the Meg Foundation on three separate occasions and the welcome that I receive from the students and staff is amazing and very humbling. The school is a place of joy, a place where the kids, the staff and local women can feel safe but also express themselves and realise there is more to life than just surviving.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there and have loved being able to take photographs of the children and staff enjoying their lives. I look forward to returning to Rwanda and visiting the school again in the future.

All the best,

Andrew Storey

Good bye x