Children are the same the whole world over!

newsjuly101There is little room for play in the lives of many of our children. I see them fetching and carrying water from the standpipe or sweeping, very seldom playing and they certainly have few, if any, toys. None of the children could have imagined the treat in store ……

As I have often said, I have some wonderful friends around the world. One of these special friends came home to the UK from China bearing gifts! Julie brought some dolls to her mother’s house. Her mum is a keen knitter and she made very special outfits for the dolls. I then took them out to Rwanda for the nursery children – long, long journey

It was no surprise to see the children cuddle the dolls immediately, but then they wanted to put them on their backs to carry them like their mothers do. We hastily found some scarves and scraps of fabric. There was lots of excited talking!

We now have a doll basket, with some African dolls made by the tailors and our Chinese and British additions and I know the children will spend many happy hours with them in the future.

newsjuly106Happy days! I am now beginning preparations for my return to Kigali. I am looking forward to seeing them all again and to joining in the fun.

I wish you all a good summer. Many thanks for all your kind support.

Meg 25/07/2010