February 2011

Dear friends around the world,

I hope you will enjoy these pictures of us at work and play this term. It is so lovely to see the children and the adults coming to school each day with big smiles.  We are happy!

New nursery children who are now settling well, returning Primary school children, cleaning, relaxing, enjoying being together. The children in the new wellingtons (courtesy of our container gifts – thank you Jules and friends) come with their mothers who are attending our new literacy class in the afternoons.

Out and about on our playing field at the back and playing with our varied assortment of dolls.

And finally for this news, we said goodbye to Andre today, we are sorry to see him go and I know the staff will miss him very much. I will miss him too, but he has the chance that many people I know would wish for. I am sure he will do very well indeed at university and he will be a regular visitor as he will be living nearby. He was ‘special person’ for the day and the children sang for him and he made a very lovely farewell speech.

I wish you all love and peace in your lives – until next time – Meg