February 2022

Another success story from one of our senior students with high ambitions! My name is Ashley, I am 18 years old and I graduated from high school in 2021 I would be really lying if I said I expected to finish high school on time because I had a lot of reasons that...

January 2022

As many of you know we started our adventure in 2008 on a wing and prayer and now our hard working is beginning to pay off in real terms for the children we are helping. here is a letter from Sifa who is just starting a university course having been supported from...

December 2021

After a very challenging year for all of us it is time to say thank you and try to share the love a little. Firstly, thank you very much to the trustees who give freely of their time to help and give advice. Thank you to the sponsors of individual children who are...

October 2021

Looking forward, looking back. We have now started a new school year, with some students leaving and others starting a new secondary school. Read More – October 2021

June 2021

Our news for June reflected what was the new  normal but since writing it many areas of the country have gone into 24 hour lockdown and the schools are closed once more, so the situation has changed once again. Read More – June 2021

Newsletter 2021

Our May newsletter is written by the third of our students to enter tertiary education. Fiston has just started his university course on History and Heritage Studies at the University of Rwanda campus in Huye, formerly Butare. Newsletter-May-2021Download