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Happy Saturdays 

There was a time when Saturday for me was a relatively quiet day – a trip to the market, a cup of coffee and a book, catching up on home news and so on – not any more. 

Nowadays I am woken up around 6.40 by groups of children arriving to participate in different activities. Today I decided to join in with them as they waited for teachers and sport coaches to arrive. 

As they often do in the mornings before school starts they are in groups, playing singing or clapping games, just talking and enjoying each other’s company, playing cards or simply watching. 

Then the leaders amongst them decide a whole group game is needed. This is such a lovely thing to observe, the children relaxed and happy, playing together forging strong friendships, acknowledging the skills of leadership of some, feeling safe enough to have a go without fear of criticism, safe off the streets, nothing to worry about, just enjoying life. I wonder where they would be otherwise and what would they be doing? 

And then off to it – Primary 2 to their Saturday class in English and Maths as they are struggling a bit with their homework. They are in classes of up to 40 children and some have difficulty following everything. Those all – important end of term examinations are looming so we want to keep up our tradition of doing well. 

There will be porridge and a chance to play out with their friends afterwards which can only be good! 

Then Vianney, our rugby coach arrives, we are developing a proud tradition with rugby which is very satisfying as it gives us a chance to shine. We play mixed teams and both boys and girls are ferocious players but fair and not over-competitive – all the better when we win …….. 

We are preparing a tournament to include other local teams very soon. 

After playing games on the terrace then about 90 minutes of rugby it is time for porridge before some of them set off for football. The International School of Kigali invited us to participate in football tournament with other private schools. The parents paid our fees to join. There are several schools participating – let’s see how it goes. We are fielding 2 teams, and under 9 and an under 11. 

Brendan, our friend from America, helps us with training and enthusiastic support and advice. 

We are grateful for any help we can get! 

In the afternoon we have a more relaxing but no less exciting session with Fabrice, our art teacher. We have selected 20 of our more talented artists to work on an extended project on Saturdays, there will be much more to say about this later in the year. 

So, roll on Sunday for peace and quiet – but wait – isn’t it dance practice on Sundays? Haha!!! 

What busy lives we lead – please read more about our extended curriculum activities on our website 

Wishing you love and peace in your hearts – Meg