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After school finishes in late October/early November the long holidays begin. The children can be out of school for up to 10 weeks which is a long time for everyone. We hold holiday clubs when all the children come at some time or other when they can get together and enjoy lots of fun activities and learn to play different games which we have at the project. Sports coaches and our music teacher also arrange activities for the children. 

Our place is a safe environment where the children can relax and enjoy some time with their friends, building friendships and being with staff in an informal environment. 

All the children come from homes where they have no toys or play materials. There are many things to explore and use to be creative at the project. 

It is also important for us to continue the food programme for our children as many would be very hungry during the holidays and we have noticed that in the past many children have lost weight over the holiday period. 

Originally it was adults who organised the programme but we have a growing number of our older students who have taken over this role. This is important for the development of their social and organisational skills and is their way of giving something back to the project which has given them so much. 

Leontine and her music activities.

We have both time and space to get to grips with the challenge of bigger jigsaws. We now tackle jigsaws of 1,000 pieces with great enthusiasm. 

Our jigsaws and other materials are very well-loved so the holiday time is also time for a few repairs and some sorting out by the senior students. 

We love dressing up, however old we are! 

Time also for the secondary students to help out with new murals for the Primary and Nursery students, making the place look brighter but also providing an important learning resource. 

And a more relaxed lunchtime. 

Circle games, having fun and forging trust and friendship. Learning from our peers, taking a lead and learning to co-operate.

Very special – learning to draw and be creative. 

Finishing with a story, such a comforting activity – relaxing before going home. 

Thank you very much to all our friends who support us in so many ways –by donations, by giving time and expertise, by sponsorship and grants for the holiday food programme. We simply cannot do any of this without you all. 

Wishing you Peace and Health and Love in your lives – Meg