Who Are We

Kinamba Community Project – Rwanda NGO for Education for all.

The charity known as the Kinamba Community Project was founded to support the community in Kigali, Rwanda. Kinamba Community Education Project started in 2007 supporting children at grass roots in education from nursery school all the way through to university and beyond.

The UK registration number of the charity is 1126601. Information can be found on the Charity Commission website. There are four trustees of the charity, all working as volunteers; there are no paid staff in the UK.

Founder of the project in Rwanda, Meg worked in Primary Education in the UK for 39 years before retiring and going to Rwanda as a VSO volunteer from 2006 to 2008. She has worked in Rwanda for the project since 2009 returning regularly to the UK. Meg manages the work of all aspects of the Rwandan project.
Kinamba Community Projects have provided adult literacy courses in addition developing a range of skills which have included Rwandan basket weaving, tailoring skills and crafting. Showcasing a range of beautiful colourful bags, clothing and tableware. Education is provided for the young from nursery all the way to adulthood. Kinamba Education is proud to have supported more than 1,500 children over the years.


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