Our feeding programme

Photographs of smiling children in bright clean uniforms in the sun mask the very thin bodies of some and the diminutive size of most of the students.

Slowly over time we have been able to increase our food programme.We have been able to build and equip a new kitchen thanks to funds donated for refurbishing and tiling a room, equipment, shelving and new cookers (we now use bottled gas). We now continue to feed all the children porridge on a daily basis and we prepare lunch for 80 children, mainly from the primary section, plus staff.

Children from the nursery who are suffering with HIV/Aids infections are also on the programme (about 9% of the nursery children) as they need good nutrition to off-set the side-effects of the medication they need to take.

Lunch consists of rice and beans with added soya flour for extra vitamins, plus vegetables which usually includes iron-rich greens and small dried fish called sambaza. The children usually eat in silence and there is never any waste. For many, that is the main food they have each day.

In the year from April 2013 to March 2014 our cook Francoise provided 40,272 cups of porridge and 16,936 lunches.

The money for this programme is raised in a variety of ways. We have a partnership agreement with parents who have agreed, when they are able, to make what contribution they can. Volunteers often take goods back home to sell and all profit from these sales goes into the feeding fund. This fund is supplemented by sponsorship and other donations.

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