The primary section - January 2016

Primary children in Rwanda attend school for a half day only, either mornings or afternoons, and this changes each day. We have set up a homework club for all our former primary children, which means that they can come to school for help with homework and for extra lessons in English, Kinyarwanda, Social Studies, some sport and art, amongst other things. They attend either in the mornings before going to school or in the afternoons after school.

Thanks to some sponsorship donations and other funds, we are now paying the fees and necessary materials and uniform for 126 of our children in local primary schools. State schools require an annual school fee and the children need uniforms and school materials, sometimes they are asked to contribute to building projects or photocopying materials. These children eat lunch and receive a cup of porridge each day which, for the majority, is very important.

If we have the support we will continue to send 20 sponsored children to Primary school. We need to increase our level of sponsorship for this programme to ensure that the poorest children of the neighbourhood can continue their education; otherwise they would be back on the streets and very vulnerable.

Please contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information on how to sponsor a child.

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