Jewellery making

Finding a way of earning money for basic survival is not easy for many people in Rwanda Women in particular, often illiterate because they have not had the opportunity to go to learn to read and write, are very vulnerable. Most of the people in our jewellery group first came to the literacy classes at the project which has enabled some to discover a new skill. The group meets each afternoon at the school, helping to build relationships and enjoy the company, as well as giving the chance to earn small money to buy basic essentials.

Paper beads

Much of our jewellery is made using paper beads. First strong colourful paper from calendars or magazines is cut into elongated triangles. It is then rolled tightly to make the beads, which are then strung together, varnished and hung to dry before sorting and using to make necklaces, bracelets and ear-rings.



As the women grew in confidence and creativity, they began to experiment with new shapes and combinations, achieving lovely results.


Lies visited to do a workshop on making bead animals a 3-D technique which was a new challenge. These have been made into key-rings and brooches of which are very popular with children.


TThe beads are sold locally and in the UK. All profit from the sale of beads and other handmade goods goes to the children’s food fund.

Meg Fletcher, 2014

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