Rwandan Baskets

Basket-making is a Rwandan traditional craft. The baskets are made from sweet-grass, the women dye the grasses different colours and create many different patterns and styles.

Baskets can be seen everywhere in Rwanda. Some are huge, as can be seen in the King's Palace Museum in Nyanza. Their general domestic use has declined now, but they are still presented as gifts as weddings and used on special occasions.

The baskets now known as peace baskets are sold in tourist venues and in the markets. They are made in many sizes - the small ones make lovely Christmas tree decorations or can be used for small gifts.

baskets2 baskets1

Beautiful platters are also produced, again, mainly, but not exclusively, for the tourist market. They are made in various sizes and of different designs, using many natural colours, though some artificial dyes are now used.

Our classes at the project enabled some older women to pass on their skills to younger people, many of whom suffered severe disruption to their early life and formative years due to the genocide and its aftermath. Now, our project members can earn money from their products.

Our products are sold from the project to visitors, both in Europe and USA / Canada.

baskets3We are continually looking for outlets for our beautiful baskets, and would welcome any suggestions for contacts elsewhere.

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